It’s ok to feel that life is “weird” right now. I've been hearing a consensus from several friends that they feel it too. Confusing. Daunting. Overwhelming. Exhausting. As if there’s some foreboding cloud just up ahead and you can’t quite put your finger on what it holds exactly. Knowing others are in a similar head space has felt like I could finally let out that gigantic sigh of relief I didn’t know I was holding. 

I’m learning that it’s okay to feel all of these things and still trust Jesus with my whole heart. 

It’s okay to feel afraid and feel peace. 

It’s okay to feel like the world is too heavy right now and believe that God is still sovereign. 

We are in the in-between, friends. 

We are in this world, created with real emotions, minds, and souls and denying it does not make us stronger. But we’re also not of this world, created with a spirit that longs for holiness to prevail and for complete oneness with God. It’s a tricky balance, but here are a few lessons I am also learning along the way:

  1. We must be a people of the Word. Feelings easily lead us astray, but when we are anchored in the Bible & daily inviting the Holy Spirit to speak through it, our entire body - spirit, soul, and mind is RENEWED. Not bandaged up, but made NEW! And sometimes I find that my preferences are not actually Biblical truths. Our mission is to love God and love others (even ourselves), and the way we begin is by feasting on the Word of God.
  2. We were not meant to live life alone. Life giving, faith-filled community is vital for our wellbeing. When God said it was not good for man to be alone - He meant it - and that was before the fall, before sin entered the scene! How much more then, do we need one another now to be vulnerable & transparent with, so that we may care for & sharpen one another in love!
  3. God never promises comfort. Jesus did not die on the cross so we could live comfortable, happy lives. Although there is nothing inherently wrong with either, when I place comfort on the pedestal of my heart, there’s a real problem. Instead of trying to numb those uncomfortable feelings of “life feeling too heavy”, I can bring them to the Holy Spirit & people I trust and find real renewal & refreshment, regardless of what is happening in the world.

Outreach Testimony

“Being in the Middle East was an amazing experience for me. The trip really opened my eyes up to how necessary and how simple evangelism work is when you're tuned in with the Holy Spirit. After what we practiced and saw on the trip, I see practically what it looks like to be intentional about bringing up Jesus.

God really used our trip to help me as a visual learner see and experience what needs to be done… I definitely believe my heart was softened toward people who don’t yet know Christ, I am much more aware of the work that needs to be done.” - Mikayla Tinoco, Middle East Outreach 2021

Prayer Requests

  • For South East Asia: Unity & strengthening in the body of Christ. For the lost to come to the knowledge of Christ and follow him. That the number of covid-19 cases would go down and that the lockdown would lift.
  • For Dharma and his family: That they would continue to be hungry for the Word of God, that they would receive wisdom and revelation as they read. 
  • For Joel and Haley - For continued deepening intimacy with Jesus. That they would reach their financial support goal so they would be able to move back to South East Asia long-term in January. 

Missionary Spotlight!

Joel and Haley Auten are LifeMission-sent missionaries who recently completed their missionary school training in South East Asia. They have returned for a short period before heading back to be full time missionaries! While overseas, they ministered through worship & prayer, evangelism, and meeting physical needs to open doors for the deeper spiritual needs.

One powerful testimony they shared is about a man named Dharma who was invited by one of his friends to receive an “essentials grocery pack” (due to hardships from covid) and prayer for healing, since he had been struggling with pain while trying to sleep for the last year. No doctor - even a witch doctor - could find a cure. He was desperate, so decided prayer might be worth a shot. After receiving prayer, he felt an instant feeling of peace. The next week when they saw him again, he shared how he was able to sleep again without pain and that he was completely healed! The next time they visited, they gave him a Bible in his own language and began doing a study with him and his friend. Dharma shared how his father had been sick, so he wanted to learn how to pray & ask Jesus to heal his father. They were able to teach him how to pray and led him through praying for his father’s healing. They received a text mid-week from Dharma sharing that his father was completely recovered! Praise God!! 

If you are not receiving their newsletters and would like to, please let me know!

Local Outreaches in August


ESL (English as a second language) CLASSES -
Language Partners needed! 2 of our amazing Lifer's teach some of these classes. Their language classes are built on relationships and the social aspect of learning another language. They partner each student up with a native English speaker to build relationships and help them in their learning. There is no previous experience required to become a language partner. Classes typically are either Monday evenings, Tuesday evenings, or Wednesday mornings and the fall semester is starting soon.

If you are interested in becoming a language partner, or you know someone who would like to learn english and you'd be willing to be their language partner, or you just would like more information, please email

DREAM CENTER DESPENSA - Every Tuesday and Thursday from 1:30 - 5:30PM, Friday from 10AM - 2PM

Families in our community are struggling and need our help more than ever with food and clothing. The Despensa provides healthy food and quality clothes to children, youth, and families in need. You can make a difference! 

Sign up HERE!

ADOPT-A-BLOCK - Saturday, August 21, 12:30 - 3PM 

The Adopt-A-Block program visits select under-resourced neighborhoods every month to clean up the neighborhood, distribute food and hygiene items, and simply find a need and fill it.

Sign up HERE!

HOMELESS OUTREACH - Saturday, August 28, 1:30 - 4:30PM

The Homeless Outreach program visits homeless camps across the area. We deliver food, snacks, and water and visit with those facing homelessness to see how we can help.

Sign up HERE!


Pursuit - Wednesday, Sept 1, 2:15 - 8:15PM (volunteer times)

The Single Mom KC will be hosting an event called Pursuit on the first Wednesday of every month at the KCK campus. The volunteer opportunities range from cooking and serving the meal, working with the kids, greeting and helping with registration. This is a great way for our church family to serve single moms in our community!

Sign up HERE!

Mission Monday

This Monday, August 16, join us at 7 pm in the Olathe campus Barn where missionary, teacher, and author Robert Prakash will be sharing about his Ministry in India & the nations as well as teaching on Power Ministry. You do not want to miss this!

This monthly gathering is designed to develop a missional community. It is for ANYONE who has a heart for missions or is interested in growing a deeper understanding of the world, cultivating God’s heart for all people, and discovering unique ways to be a part of God’s Mission!

7pm in the Barn on the 3rd Monday’s of the Month

Fall Outreaches

The Nicaragua team returned from their outreach a few days ago! Although they encountered several issues with Covid restrictions, they persevered and I cannot wait to share a few testimonies with you next month!

Fall Outreaches are closed for sign ups but let’s begin praying for these teams as they prepare. The Utah Outreach consists of a team of 6 and the LADC Outreach a team of 7! Let's pray for unity & connection within the team, for Holy Spirit to move in Salt Lake City and Los Angeles in powerful ways, and for lives to be transformed by the Gospel!