It’s officially Summer! When it comes to global missions in the western world, this is typically the season where short term outreaches are in full throttle. In my mind's eye, I see groups of 10-20 young adults most likely wearing matching t-shirts, backpacks stuffed with a week’s worth of necessities, munching on a crunchy granola bar, and grinning ear to ear as they go through airport security.

Palpable excitement fills the air as they prepare to partner with local organizations and be the hands and feet of Jesus all across the globe. Unfortunately, since the Covid pandemic drastically altered the lives of everyone, you may have noticed there aren’t as many international short term outreaches taking place. It’s tricky--if a country won’t let you fly in, how do you take a team there? Do you just sit back and coast the ride until countries open up again? There’s no straight answer, but the calling will never change. We are to GO into all the world, and our job is to now think creatively like never before.

Here are a few ways we can continue to “go” and share the gospel in every nation even when stuck in our Midwest homes:

1. PRAY. It may seem obvious and ensue eye-rolling, but take a moment to ask yourself what you really believe about the power of prayer. No judgment or shame, just curiosity. Do you truly believe there is power in prayer? That we can actually partner with the Lord and physical and spiritual changes can manifest because of our prayers? If not, invite the Holy Spirit to help you grow in this area. Prayer is too often taken for granted when it is actually one of our most powerful weapons!

    Practical Idea: The options are endless, but one simple idea is to use this list and begin praying for counties in alphabetical order. Pull up the map for each country & spend 10 min everyday interceding.

2. GIVE. Even though some countries are still closed right now, does not mean missionaries and ministries have stopped working to bring the gospel there! We can be a huge part of what God is doing globally by just giving $20, $50, or $100! It gets even easier at LifeMission Church, because there’s an option online to give to different missionaries that we support while also giving your regular tithe!

    Practical Idea: What if, we made a point to write support letters and send them to people we would anyway if we were going on a short term outreach this summer, and invited them to partner financially with a ministry or missionary that’s on your heart.

3. LEARN & GROW. Part of what makes short term outreaches so impactful is the real life, hands on experience. You’re tasting the food, sweating in the sticky humidity, smelling the spices, struggling with the language, connecting with the locals, and stepping out of your comfort zone in so many aspects. Not only are you being intentional to be fully immersed but the relationships fostered and stories heard become forever ingrained in you.

    Practical Idea: Make a point this summer to sort of replicate that experience: read missionary biographies & movies, serve on a local outreach or ministry, try an international cuisine you haven’t tried before, wander through an international grocery store, host an international student for the upcoming school year--the idea is to be a learner of another culture! Believe me, this practice will be fun and begin to create room in your heart to receive God’s heart for that culture and people group.

Prayer Requests

  • For Steve and Maddy - That they would continue to grow in their relationship with Jesus & each other. For growth in Steven's business. For opportunities for Maddy to share the gospel with her coworkers. 
  • For the spiritually deceived - That the scales would fall off of their eyes as they encounter the love, hope, and freedom that only Jesus can bring. That the prodigals would come running back to the Father's arms.
  • For more workers to be sent - For hearts to be awakened and obedient to what the Lord is wanting to do through them. For opportunities when the LifeMission team comes in the fall. 

Missionary Spotlight!

Steven and Maddy Swank are LifeMission-sent missionaries! They have lived in Salt Lake City, Utah for almost 2 years with the passion to see all people, but especially the spiritually deceived, find hope in the person of Jesus. Their focus is on building intentional relationships and living out their walk with the Lord in a way that draws people to real heart transformation. They have seen such fruit as they continue to love people and pray over their city. In the last few weeks, they have seen an outpouring of the Holy Spirit during the prayer nights they help lead. People are hungry for the Lord!

Last year, LifeMission Church sent their first outreach team to work with Steven and Maddy. It was a transformational time for everyone that participated! Don't miss out on the Utah Outreach Trip THIS September! See below for more info!

Job Opportunity

Would you like the opportunity to unite your passion for global mission and administrative skills to serve what God is doing around the world? LifeMission Church is looking for someone to be the Global Missions Assistant, and you could be a great fit!

Click HERE for more info and to apply!

Local Outreaches in June

In June, we’re promoting several serve opportunities through the Kansas City Dream Center and through Single Mom KC. See below for more info on how you can get involved and love on our city!

DREAM CENTER DESPENSA - Every Tuesday and Thursday from 1:30 - 5:30PM, Friday from 10AM - 2PM

Families in our community are struggling and need our help more than ever with food and clothing. The Despensa provides healthy food and quality clothes to children, youth, and families in need. You can make a difference! 

Sign up HERE!

HOMELESS OUTREACH - Saturday, June 26, 1:30 - 4:30PM

The Homeless Outreach program visits homeless camps across the area. We deliver food, snacks, and water and visit with those facing homelessness to see how we can help.

Sign up HERE!

ADOPT-A-BLOCK - Saturday, June 19, 12:30 - 3PM 

The Adopt-A-Block program visits select under-resourced neighborhoods every month to clean up the neighborhood, distribute food and hygiene items, and simply find a need and fill it.

Sign up HERE!

SINGLE MOM KC - Wednesday, August 4, 2:15 - 8:15PM (volunteer times)

The Single Mom KC will be hosting an event called Pursuit on the first Wednesday of every month at the KCK campus. The volunteer opportunities range from cooking and serving the meal, working with the kids, greeting and helping with registration. This is a great way for our church family to serve single moms in our community!

Sign up HERE!

Mission Monday

This Monday, June 21, join us at 7 pm in the Olathe campus Barn. Our Missions and KCK Campus Pastor Jacob will be teaching on how we are called to be a Sending Church! Dusty & Heather Northrop will also be sharing their experience being sent by LifeMission.

This monthly gathering is designed to develop a missional community. It is for ANYONE who has a heart for missions or is interested in growing a deeper understanding of the world, cultivating God’s heart for all people, and discovering unique ways to be a part of God’s Mission!

7pm in the Barn on the 3rd Monday’s of the Month

Fall Outreaches

In June, we have a team taking the love of Jesus to the Middle East. Please be praying as they prepare, and that God would use them in mighty ways! 

This Fall, we’re sending 2 teams on outreach--and YOU can be a part! 

Register online or text GO21 to 913-286-1040 for more info

UTAH - Cost $1000 - September 2021 (Specific Dates TBA)

Minister through Relational Evangelism, Worship & Prayer, Encouraging local believers.

Although the efforts of this trip will be focused primarily on reaching the religiously deceived, you will also learn how to share Jesus in a way that can be applied in your everyday life when you return home. Come and see what it’s like to live in America where less than 3% of your neighbors are Jesus followers! Mission is not just overseas or in the religiously saturated state of Utah. Mission is for you. Learn how it can become a practical and natural part of your life without all the hype! 


LA DREAM CENTER - Cost $1000 - October 2021 (Specific Dates TBA)

Minister through Adopt-a-block outreaches, serving food to the homeless, evangelism. Be the hands and feet of Jesus as we share God’s tangible love to those who have been rejected by society.


Book Corner

If you feel lethargic in your walk with Christ or feel stuck in a western culture of more-more-more, then pick up Something Needs to Change by David Platt! It recounts the journey of author David Platt and his companions as they trek the Himalayan Mountains. They encounter unimaginable hardships that the locals face while living there, but most importantly how the power of the gospel being shared in one of the darkest places changes everything. There is no doubt you will be inspired and challenged! Pick up a copy HERE!